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Boarding House (Dissin's Guest House)


Card game


Woman leaning on dresser, listening to radio

Room with fan and drawing of Uncle Sam

Waiting to use the bathroom

Two women, two men in room reading newspaper

Dinner in the dining room

Enid Bubley and Milton Reinstein in room

Around Washington

Woman taking photos in front of Capitol building

Child who lives in an alley dwelling near the Capitol

Veteran selling flags

At at dance

Woman news vendor

Evangelist preacher

Girl waiting for a pickup at the Sea Grill Bar

Soldier in photo booth

Bus Story (1943)

Wome in line for bathroom

Bus cleaner washing window

Boarding the bus; girl holding ticket in her mouth

Bus to Nashville

Sailors boarding bus

Sailor sleeping on bus

African American soldier among white passengers waiting for bus in Memphis

Children's Bureau

City Children

Girl testing the water with her toe

Little girl and father waiting for the el

Little girl looking out el window

Children playing a game

Boys playing in the street in front of a building with graffiti on the wall

Shirtless boy wearing pants with suspenders, with his arm around a light post

Blythedale Convalescent Home for Children

Girl in her bed, with a lollipop

Boy in his bed, playing with a toy truck

Girl sitting outside in wheelchair

Doctor examining a boy's ear

Nurse and boy talking

Nurse giving shot to boy

Nursery School

Girl feeding bottle to doll

Boy with arms crossed on table, head on arms

Boys fingerpainting

Girl taking nap


Boy writing in dust on UNICEF car

People lined up in shadow of rocks near UNICEF car

Moroccan women and children waiting for treatment #1

Moroccan women and children waiting for treatment #2

Young girl with hands clasped and held up to her mouth, man in background

Berber woman

Doctor administering treatment

Woman looking out over landscape

Woman in burka walking in front of Coca-Cola ad showing a blond woman in western dress

Pittsburgh Photographic Library

Emergency tracheotomy surgery on a little girl

Doctors moving patient

Mother talking to doctor

Little girl asleep after surgery

Little girl awake after surgery

National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis

Polio poster, courage comes in the 4-year size


Standard Oil Company (New Jersey)

Bus Story 1947

Two sharply dressed men in Greyhound bus terminal

Two men wearing hats, sitting back to back, reading in Greyhound bus terminal

Mother and girl asleep on bench in Greyhound bus terminal

Two little girls looking out bus window

View of city traffic through bus windshield

Bus to Buffalo, passengers standing outside

Passengers looking out window of Coast-to-Coast bus

Bus to Wilkes Barre, silhouette of driver

Harbor Story

Brooklyn Bridge, from South Street, Baltimore and Ohio RR sign

Workers on scaffolding on Brooklyn Bridge

Storefront, Fulton Supply Co.

Lower Manhattan skyline, through fog


Row of cowboys sitting on fence

Girl being baptised

Church choir

Schoolboy at his desk, holding pencil

Waitress and customer at Bates Cafe

Row of mailboxes

Little girl leaning against store counter, man behind counter

Barbershop, looking in through the window

Cowboy sleeping on truck running board

Man looking out over gasoline plant

Quaker State gas station, man cleaning sign

Oil derrick, clouds

Gilbert & Barker

Woman weeding onion field

Woman in onion field, close-up

Nurse using magnifying machine to examine patient's eye

SONJ Workers

Three men guiding equipment, wearing hard hats, overalls

Two men talking, wearing hardhats, overalls


Worker on scaffold

Man turning large valve, "Water from Dam" written on wall

Dutch Weeth

Man working on a guage

Man observing glass test apparatus in sulphur lab


Copenhagen-Malmö Ferry 1954

Women at the market

People entering ferry terminal

Passengers boarding ferry

Ferry leaving the dock

Women and girl on ferry, under portrait of queen

Island of Aero

Bird perched on tombstone at Riis Church

Two women in yard at Riss Church

Island of Mano

Ship, man wheeling wheelbarrow

Truck with bike on back, driving through shallow water at low tide

Truck driver sitting on grass, eating lunch



Pepsi-Cola International

Pan American World Airways

Irish Tourist Bureau


Ladies' Home Journal

Life Magazine

Woman's Day

Herald Tribune Magazine


Horn & Hardardt Automat, New York City

Central Park, New York City

Charlie Parker/Norman Granz Jam Session

New York City Scenes

Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY

Rockefeller Center, New York City

Sheba (Esther Bubley's Dalmatian)

Third Avenue Elevated Train, New York City

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